Care & Maintenance of your Kilt

Proper care of your kilt while you are not wearing it will help it stay neat and tidy for when you are wearing it!  The first thing to remember is to never store your kilt folded in a drawer.  This will leave creases and wrinkles in your kilt that will be troublesome to press out. 

It is best to store your kilt hanging in your closet.  Here is a method that we have found to be easy and effective.

First, begin by folding your kilt into thirds, aprons overlapping (as it would be if you were wearing it).  It is not necessary to fasten the leather straps through the buckles.  Then, fold the kilt in half, with the pleats on the outside, as shown below.  (It is important that the pleats always be on the outside of the fold, to avoid creases).
Then simply attach a clamp-style hanger to the top of the kilt, as shown below.
The above method works very well with lower yardage kilts, which do not have as much weight as heavier, higher yardage kilts.  If you are trying to hang a heavy kilt, such as a typical eight yard modern kilt, you may want to try a slightly different method, utilizing two hangers.

Fold the kilt into thirds as above, but before you fold it in half again, attach two hangers side by side to the top of the kilt, as shown below.  Now, when you fold the kilt in half (pleats outside, just as before), you now have two hangers to support the weight of the kilt, rather than a single one.
Depending upon the waist size of your kilt, you may find that you have better success folding your kilt a slightly different way.  Begin by folding the kilt not into thirds, as before, but in half, so that the ends of the aprons meet.  (Again, keep the pleats on the outside).   Then fold in half once more, so that you have now folded it into fourths. 
Attach hangers as before.  Using this method of hanging will keep your kilt wrinkle-free and ready to wear!
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