Cleaning Your Kilt

As far as routine maintenance is concerned, your kilt should only need minor touch ups with a steam iron to keep the pleats looking neat and crisp.  Use a good iron, high steam, on the wool setting.  If you are concerned about your iron leaving imprints on the wool, use an ironing cloth.

Your kilt is a wool garment, so DO NOT WASH IT IN THE WASHING MACHINE and DO NOT PUT IT IN THE DRYER.  The wool will felt.  It will ruin your kilt. 

It is not necessary to clean the kilt each and every time you wear it.  If your kilt must be cleaned, we recommend a pofessional dry cleaner.  However, minor cleaning can be done at home with cold water to take care of occasional spills and spots.

If you would like to try giving your kilt a thorough cleaning at home, rather than entrust your garment to a dry cleaner (think they had dry cleaners in the old days?), here is a method described by Bob Martin in All About Your Kilt.
Martin does give this one caveat:  "Now, although this method works well for me, I am not able to personally control the process outlined here when YOU do it, and I must therefore disclaim any and all responsibility for any adverse results."

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