CMT Work

CMT stands for "cut, make and trim" and is a service wherein you provide the cloth for your kilt, and I provide the tailoring, as well as the lining cloth, straps and buckles, thread, etc.  My fee for making a kilt from client-supplied cloth is $250. 

I reserve the right to refuse CMT work if I believe the cloth to be insufficient quality or otherwise innapropriate for kilt making.  Your cloth must be 100% worsted wool, heavy kilting weight, or the equivalent thereof.  (Tweed cloth is a good equivalent and makes a wonderful kilt for country wear).

Before placing your order, you will need to contact me to confirm whether your fabric is suitable for your kilt.  I will also let you know how much material I will need, and provide an address for shipping.

To place your order for CMT work, CLICK HERE.  Please contact me to discuss the details before placing your order.
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