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In addition to being a kilt maker, I have also worked closely with the Scottish Tartans Authority (Crieff, Scotland) and the Scottish Tartans Museum (Franklin, NC) to design many different tartans.  As a student of tartan weaving and history, as well as a kiltmaker, I am able to bring this range of experience to my tartan designs.  I was honored to be selected to design the official tartan of the Papal visit to Scotland in 2010 (see photo at right), as well as design tartans for various schools and universities, as well as families and clan societies.  Some of the other tartans I have been noted for are the Ellis Island tartan, featured at "Dressed to Kilt" in NYC in 2011; the Brown of the Southeast tartan, approved by Sir Wayne H. Broun, Baronet; and the X Marks the Scot tartan, the first ever tartan designed for an online forum. 

I would be delighted to design a unique tartan for either your own personal use, for use by your clan/family society, geographic region (such as a town, county, state, etc.), corporation, club, or other organization.  The tartan design service I provide includes:
The St. Ninian Tartan
The St. Ninian Tartan

Matthew Newsome at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh unveiling the St. Ninian Tartan, designed for the state visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Scotland on Sept. 16, 2010. Photo by Paul McSherry.

      •A custom designed tartan based on any historical details or
relevant information you can provide -- including name origin, connection with other known families/clans, geographical details, heraldic details, personal history, etc.  Three different designs will be created and offered to you from which to select.  I will then work with you to fine-tune your selected design until we are both 100% happy with the new tartan.
     •Your new tartan will be checked against other tartans recorded in the International Tartan Index to ensure that it is not too similar to any previously recorded tartans.
     •You will receive a digital image of the tartan for use on your computer, web site, and for other promotional purposes.
     •Production of five yards of 29" wide woolen cloth (heavy or light weight), one yard of which will be used for recording purposes.  You will receive four yards (enough for a box pleated man's kilt, lady's skirt, two shawls, or a number of scarves or sashes).
     •Your tartan will be recorded with the Scottish Tartans Authority in Crieff, Scotland, in their International Tartan Index.
     •Application for entry into the Scottish Register of Tartans maintained by the National Archives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Your cost for all of the above is $1500.  Please feel free to email me with questions before you commit.  A non-refundable $750 deposit (50%) is required before design work is begun. 

In addition, you may be interested in additional 100% worsted wool kilt cloth, either 16 oz (heavy weight), or 12 oz (light weight) which could be made into fine men's kilts, ladys' skirts, shawls, sashes, scarves or the like.  The total cost will depend upon the amount of cloth ordered.  I can also provide CMT service to make kilts and other items from the cloth for an additional fee.  Cloth is woven in Scotland.

You may also be interested in silk cloth.  I can have your tartan produced in 100% silk material, as well as wool.  Silk cloth is produced 30" wide and woven in Scotland.

Orders for larger amounts of material, or other custom made clothing items, is possible.  Contact me with your needs and I will be happy to research the best options and give you a quote.  For new tartan designs it is recommended that a small initial run of cloth be produced to allow you to see the tartan "in the flesh" before you committ to a larger run of cloth is committed.

After contacting me to discuss your specific needs, you may make payment of your design fee deposit.  My preferred method of accepting payment is through PayPal, and I will email you a PayPal invoice from which you can pay.  I will also accept a check or money order.

I have designed over 30 tartans for individuals, institutions, families and other organizations.  Please see a sampling of my designs below.
Barbecue Presbyterian Church Brewer Family Cairns of Fiinavon Dickson Family
Barbecue Presbyterian Church Brewer Family Cairns of Fiinavon Dickson Family
Dove Family Emory University McClurg Family Ridgeback LLC
Dove Family Emory University McClurg Family Ridgeback LLC
University of Georgia VA Tech Western Carolina University X Marks the Scot forum
University of Georgia VA Tech Western Carolina University X Marks the Scot forum
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