Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are your kilts replicas of historic kilts, meant for living historians and reenactors?

A.  No.  While reenactors may find my kilts much more suited to their purposes than the typical modern kilt, my goal is not to make museum replicas of old kilts.  I make modern kilts which are inspired by the style and fashion of early kilts from the end of the eighteenth through the latter part of the nineteenth century, specializing in the four yard box pleated kilt of the early nineteenth century.

Q.  Is it appropriate to wear one of you lower yardage kilts to a formal occasion?

A.  Certainly!  Many kilt making firms today offer lower yardage kilts, typically machine sewn, under the name "Casual kilt" or "Economy kilt" or "Fun Kilt."  These kilts are often made as inexpensively as possible, without the same care to quality and detail as one typically expects in a traditionally made kilt.  This gives the impression that a low yardage kilt is somehow less formal than an eight yard kilt.  But this is simply untrue.  The hallmark of a well made, quality kilt is that it serves equally well for formal and informal occasions.  What makes a kilt formal or casual is how you accessorize it.  I wore a four yard box pleated kilt to my wedding!  You can wear them anywhere.  And just because it is a historic style of kilt does not mean you have to wear it with "historic" dress.  Wear it and accessorize it as you would any modern kilt.

Q.  What tartans do you have available?

A.  The short answer is "nearly any tartan you want!"  For the long answer, please see our tartan page.

Q.  Does a kilt have to be made from tartan?

A.  No, of course not.  Solid color kilts have been worn since the seventeenth century, at least.  Sir Duncan Campbell of Loch Awe had his portrait painted in a solid red feilidh-mór in 1635.  And tweed kilts were all the fashion in the nineteenth century.  I can typically get good quality wool for kilts in saffron, light green, dark green, light blue, navy blue, and black.  Ask what other solid colors might be available.  And don't forget tweeds!

Q.  Can I request my kilt pleated to stripe or sett?

A.  I make the great majority of my kilts pleated to stripe.  As my kilts are inspired by historic styles, I try to stay as true to the historic fashion as possible.  Pleating to the stripe was the norm for both civilian and military kilts for most of the nineteenth century.  That being said, I can sometime accomodate pleating to the sett with certain tartans and certain style of kilts, so it won't hurt to ask.

Q.  Where are your kilts made?  Where is the cloth woven?

A.  As I make each kilt myself, my kilts are made right here in North Carolina.  The cloth I use for my kilts is all woven in Scotland.  I line my kilts with undyed raw silk cloth imported from China.

Q.  Do you also offer an eight yard knife pleated kilt?

A.  I do not make the typical style of eight yard knife pleated kilt.  There is nothing wrong with that style, I simply stay too busy making other, more historic styles to be interested in competing with the many other very talented kilt makers who offer the more usual eight yard kilt.  That being said, if you desire an eight yard kilt, I can very likely help you source it.  Please just email me your request.

Q.  How long will it take to get my kilt?

A.  As a single kiltmaker with other professional and familial responsibilities, I am not able to complete kilt orders as fast as a larger Highland dress firm with a staff of full time kiltmakers on hand, producing kilts in a factory-like environment.  Your wait time for yout kilt will be directly dependant upon the number of kilts ordered ahead of yours.  I generally average about 30 kilts in the queue at any given time, though the number can sometimes be higher or lower.  I can generally complete at most one kilt per week.  If you would like to check on the status of your kilt, please feel free to contact me and I can let you know how many kilts are ahead of yours in the queue.  If you have a deadline for your kilt, you must let me know when you place your order.  I will try to accomodate your deadline within reason.  In general, please be prepared for a fairly long wait time when you place your order.

Q.  What payment forms do you accept?

A.  My preferred payment method is PayPal, which is easy and secure.  Through PayPal, you can make payment with most any major credit card, an e-check, or a direct withdrawal from your bank account.  You may also mail me a check or money order.

Q.  Do I have to have a PayPal account to order from your web site?

A.  No.  PayPal will allow you to make payment using your credit card without having a PayPal account. 

Q.  How do you ship?

A.  My preferred method is USPS Priotiry Mail, in a flat rate "Board Game" size box, which is perfect for shipping a kilt without horizontal folding, minimizing the chances of your kilt being wrinkled during shipment.  All kilts are shipped insured.  You will be billed for shipping costs, based on actual postage rates.

Q.  Do you ship internationally?

A.  Yes, using USPS International Priority Mail.  For shipments delivered outside of the United States, you will be billed for the actual shipping cost.
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