House of Cheviot Kilt Hose

Sometimes just a basic pair of solid coloured kilt hose is just the thing to round out your Highland dress ensemble.  New House Highland is proud to be the official US distributor for one of the best manufacturers of authentic Scottish kilt hose in operation today, House of Cheviot in Hawick, Scotland.  All House of Cheviot kilt hose are manufactured right on their premises in Hawick, in the Scottish Borders, from the finest merino wool blend yarns, in a variety of rich colors.

House of Cheviot kilt hose are the most comfortable kilt hose you will ever wear.  All are machine washable in cool water (gentle cycle, air dry), and many styles come with a reenforced foot area for long life and durability.  In addition to many sold color options at a variety of price points, House of Cheviot also offers a range of patterned and patterned top hose as well, including classic diced and argyle styles. 

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You can also shop now from the currently available stock listed on Amazon, your most trusted online retailer. 
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