Victorian Lace Jabot

The lace jabot is the hallmark of Highland elegance. You've invested in the highest quality kilt, doublet, sporran and hose. So why cap off your formal wear with a run-of-the-mill polyester jabot? Our exclusive Victorian Lace Jabot is entirely hand knit from the finest natural (un-dyed) merino wool, in a traditional lace design adapted from a Shetland shawl pattern c. 1845. The collar is backed with natural raw silk. This jabot lies flatter and is somewhat more subdued, and less flamboyant than many contemporary jabots -- just the thing for the refined gentleman!  This item is certain to be an heirloom in your Highland wardrobe.  Starting at $125.
Hand Knit Lace Jabot
Hand Knit Lace Jabot

Victorian Elegance brought to the modern day.

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