New House Highland is a family owned and operated business dedicated to bringing you the best quality hand crafted kilts and knitwear.  We believe in tradition, old world skills, and long-lasting value.

Joannie Newsome learned to knit at age eight, taught by her aunt and grandmother.  As a child she did not fully realize the importance of learning a hand craft.  She took up the hobby once more in college, but it was as a wife and mother that knitting became a passion for her. She has since become an expert knitter and crocheter, not afraid to tackle any project.  While her husband's favorite request is a new pair of kilt hose, she enjoys making bags for herself, sweaters, socks, caps, fingerless gloves and  just about anything else you can make by tying a length of string into knots.

If you are looking for quality hand knit items, please feel free to contact us.  Use the menu above to browse our standard product range, or commission a special custom project.
New House Highland
Artisan Hand Knits by Joannie Newsome
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